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William Kentridge Political Printmaking Workshop

A second printmaking workshop which ran alongside Peninsula Arts William Kentridge Exhibition was with year 7s from across Plymouth and again working with Claire Gladstone. A printmaker who uses her photographs as a starting point for the political commentary in her work.

Details about this workshop

Peninsular Arts Outreach workshop - Politics in Print
Univeristy of Plymouth
Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University, Roland Levinsky Building, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA
2 hours
18-24 Students
Claire Gladstone - Claire Gladstone Artist

Her work is concerned with the traces we leave behind, with fragments of memories and how we remember.  Recently she explored Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone – using entrances, objects and the nature that has reclaimed the land to convey regeneration and hope.

The concept of a political voice was explored by students having walked around the exhibition in Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University Campus. A session with with the curator ‘Nadia’ who gave the students an idea of the political climate in which William Kentridge had produced the  prints.  It was again a fascinating talk and I enjoyed a second opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Students found inspiration for their motifs from current newspaper and magazines which I provided.  Working from Styrofoam and direct mono printing many interesting topics were covered.  We also managed to create pin badges from a section of each of their prints to take home along with their prints. Sadly I cant find the photos of their badges at the moment.


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