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Teacher Training Art and English Workshop

Inset Day – Teacher Training – Being Creative in the Class Room

Start With Art – bringing cross curriculum approaches to creative writing projects.

A good day was had by all – At this Creative Seminar I worked with groups of teachers using a kinaesthetic approach to pedagogy. We invented a name and then a story line using an exquisite corpse. The designed  elements could all sit inside a pocket book. Figures could then be used as a puppet theatre to make alternative stories. I know the staff enjoyed the day and could see the benefit of more creative approaches to working with curriculum texts.

Details about this workshop

Start With Art - Teacher Training - Creative Writing Workshop
Tor Bridge High School
Tor Bridge High School, Miller Way, Plymouth PL6 8UN
50.411512, -4.099874 View on map
three sesssions over full day
groups of 6-8

They were intrigued by the approach and felt it would be very helpful to have “education packs” which could take the this idea easily into the classroom as a ready made lesson plan.

This is something I will consider as a future idea.  At the moment, luckily, I am so busy facilitating the workshops that I have not had time to work things into a creditable order.

We started the session with a name for our characters (street and first pet) so disparate words which where connected to characters. These where drawn using a technique I call Picasso drawing,  either end of a sheet of paper is drawn as a side view folded over and traced around the edge.  The two lines are then a basis for the third character.

With the character drawn the story is populated using a variety of techniques – we used exquisite corpse.  A pocket book is assembled and the character and props are inserted.  The end result is a kinaesthetic learning approach to narrative building.  These pocket books and standing figures could be used to initiate new stories, create ongoing stories or represent a curriculum text.

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