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Printmaking and Politics Workshop

Printmaking and Political Slogans workshop in Looe -Our Environment, Our History, Our World

Printmaking and Politics Workshop with the DT  Department at Looe Academy School


Details about this workshop

Printmaking and Political Slogans Workshop
Looe Community Acadamy DT department
Looe Community Acadamy, Barbican Rd, Looe PL13 1NQ
all day 2 rolling sessions
20 + students

Monotype printing processes and political statements make a great combination for these year 8 & 9 students at Looe Academy School. Each student used three printing methods to produce a poster. The idea would be to use these digitally as part of a project making logos on bags.

Working in two sessions, each with around 20 year 9 students I talked them through the process of creating monotypes on the ‘Jelly’ plates.  Whilst these plates are made from actual jelly they  work in much the same way as the American Gelli Plate which is available form art shops and on line.

Students thought about their designs, some taking inspiration from the internet others from magazines and created a general outline of their intentions to create a logo for a bag. Their mission was to create a political slogan which they could use to express a topic they felt strongly about.  The themes were very varied, as where the approaches to the task.

Some students chose to demonstrate their awareness of the delicate ecology of our plant and made bold statements in their posters.  It was great to see that they didn’t shrink from the task.  The work was all very interesting and the intention was that the prints would be scanned in and made into posters as part if their IT programme.  This is a good way to encourage the understanding of the connection of image production and publishing.

It was an energetic printmaking workshop and I think the energy shows in the end results.  Students used a number of techniques to produce their images one of which was to inscribe styrofoam with a pencil to create a relief plate which could be pressed onto the jelly plate and leave a mark (positive plate) or inked and hand burnished onto their print (negative plate)

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