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A Never Ending Story – creative writing workshop

A Never Ending Story book (or Secret Garden) folding book format is a challenging illustration and creative writing project workshop for key stage 3 and above students. A clever way of Starting with Art to spark an interesting narrative for a creative writing project.

Details about this workshop

A Never Ending Story: A Creative Writing and Art Workshop
Tor BridgeHigh School A Level and Foundation level Art Students
Tor Bridge High School, Miller Way, Plymouth PL6 8UN
Part of a yay session
10+ students

Here at Torbridge, A level and Foundation Students used this device to help understand sequence in story narratives.  How one action leads to another and changes the circumstances of the story line.  This is a challenging workshop as students not only have to story board a 4 action story line but the story needs to lend itself to repeating endlessly.

The next challenge is to create drawings which allow for an unfolding of the story, adding 3 steps into the story line with not only a sense of moving forward but also the challenge of keeping the artwork joined up and creating (almost an animated) sequence, as the book unfolds itself (in a circular way).

These students came up with some clever ideas and also ran with the idea in terms of the drawing skills needed to realise a convincing outcome.

These very capable students needed about 45 minutes to an hour to complete the task which was one of a number of narrative formats we examined that day.

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