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Kingdom – History and Art Workshop

Art & English workshop creating personal heraldic symbols based on what made the children’s Kingdom, ‘Home’, ‘School’ and ‘Priddy’, important to them.

An all day workshop with Priddy Primary School

Visited Priddy Primary School near Wells yesterday, the day of the Priddy Folk Festival. The Key Stage 2 children had been doing a project on the kings and queens of Britain from 1066 until the present day with their teacher.  I put together a supporting illustration workshop which would take place over the day.

Details about this workshop

Kingdom - Cross Curriculum History and Art Workshop
Priddy Primary School
Priddy Primary School, Priddy, Wells BA5 3BE
all day
26-30 students

In the fist exercise of the day I talked to the children about crowns and why kings and queens wore them and where the jewels came from and showed them some examples of some of the largest ones. I showed them a few ways they could draw their crowns using the brushes program and then asked them to design a crown as I draw it for them. I chose a little girl called Eleanor and the children directed how the crown was to look. They then drew their own crowns finishing these after their break.

With the crowns all finished we moved on to Coats of arms and talked about why they were important to the knights of 1066 and what the coats of arms could say about a person. We looked at the Royal Families Coats of arms and compared the subtle differences and then looked at coats of arms that they could see in and around Wells, their closest town.

I again drew an example for them with the children choosing what they would put on a coat of arms. They would think about the designs of their crowns and choose elements for their kingdom which reflected both their imaginary world and the real world at the same time.

Here are some lovely examples of their worlds. The children showed just how much they had learnt about the kings and queens by being able to tell me lots of interesting things about them and where able to identify their project as being part of this curriculum subject. The silence in the classroom showed just how engaged they were with the majority of the children completing their work and being proud to be part of the group photograph for the local Herald Newspaper at the end of the day.

Mrs Lidgely, the Headmistress, has asked me to come back and give another workshop for her sister school. The children’s lovely teacher, Mrs Gilbert, was really pleased with the way the children all worked so hard and took such a lot from their day.

Thank you to Mrs Wookey and Mrs Brownlee for helping to keep the children focused on the task in hand.

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