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Key Stage 3 Art & English Workshop

Art & English workshop – The Goblin Market – with St Josephs’ in Launceston, years 7 to 10 Key stage 3

Drawing Together blog by Jo Larsen Burnett, Jun 9 2015 05:51PM

Drawing Togethers’ Art & English workshop using the text ‘The Goblin Market’ written by Christina Rossetti in 1862.

This amazingly visual poem worked well as a springboard for a creative writing project with the years 7 to 10 writers and artists.

What a fabulous day I’ve had working with the seniors in the morning followed by an afternoon session with the year 6’s.

With such a long text and only a morning to complete our book the Writers and Artists worked in pairs to create a book suitable for the year six’s to understand and engage with. The seniors created three spreads each a double and single for recreate their section of the poem.

I had broken this down into







The students first did a quick exercise swapping roles with the writers using visual language and the artists written cues. We then listened to the poem in full the writers writing three things they heard and the artists describing three things they saw as they listened to the text. After mind-mapping their collective findings for each section the work teams created three spreads using visual cues, and text to describe not only the story but also the setting and the feel of the poem using their own words and having reimagined the Goblin Market in a 21st century.

We had four hours in total and I am amazed at how much they achieved and how much they took on board in a very short time.

They made their spreads with no Goblins so that the juniors could work on these in the afternoon and we would put them into the pages later.

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