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Jenner Project People of Plymouth

Plymouth People – The Janner Project

Students researched their chosen famous person from Plymouth and then drew their portraits and wrote a short biography about them. Trufflehog Press have arranged several similar projects creating a history of Plymouth as series of books.  Janner refers to people born in Plymouth, as are many of the pupils at Lipson Co-Operative Academy School

Details about this workshop

Janner Project creative Writing Workshop
Lipson Co-Operative Acadamy School
Bernice Terrace, Plymouth PL4 7PG
2.5 hours
30+ students
Helen Gratehead - Trufflehog Press

Janner is an English regional nickname associated with Plymouth both as a noun and as an adjective for the local accent and colloquialisms”.

This workshop is a great way of introducing the various people of note who have connections with Plymouth from Tom Daley to Reverend Jack Russel, Lady Astor to Dawn French.

Set up as a collaboration between the soon to be arriving year 6 pupils from local primary schools and the current year sevens at Lipson it is a good exercise in integration and familiarisation.

How This Workshop Works

It introduces an element of creative writing as the students must research and write about the famous person they have chosen – be that from a crib sheet or via the internet/library.  However the whole exercise Starts with Art, with candidates drawing a portrait. This helps foster a close connection through personal endeavour and often the biographies become far more detailed that may normally be expected.

here is a link to a list of famous people from Plymouth.  Workshops based on any of these people would make a suitable magazine copy.

Wikipedia – List of People from Plymouth.

Suggestions for cross curriculum workshops could include

Cookworthy =art/science/history

Drake= art/history/geography

Elford = art/explorers/geography/nature

Scott = art/explorer/geography

Beryl Cook = art/story telling/narrative

…then there are many sportsmen and women who could have articles written about them.

Lewis Pugh (Swimmer), Laura James (wrestler) Lisa Cross (body builder) Tom Daley (diver) Ruta Meiltyte (Olympic Swimmer





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