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Emotion in Story Telling Art and English Workshop

Emotion in Story Telling – creating characters using found objects

Using objects to make faces and then change expressions, students then drew their people in a sequence. This was then followed this with a creative writing project which used the emotions from their drawings.

Details about this workshop

Tor Bridge HIgh years 6 and 7 fusion workshop
Tor BridgeHigh School A Level and Foundation level Art Students
Tor Bridge HIgh Community School, Miller Way, Plymouth PL6 8UN
50.411512, -4.099874 View on map
day long rolling sessions
30+ students

As the A level and Foundation Level students worked with the found objects, moving them around on the paper, their enthusiasm for the idea became apparent.  Suddenly they could see the point and began to engage really well with the concept.  Drawing their characters onto the template but then also developing them further into their visual diaries.

The stories they created from the template concertina book were vivid and reflected that they had been thinking about their stories in terms of the emotions of the character they had developed.  This in turn led to a dynamic story line.

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