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Creative Writing Project at Heles School

Nursery Crimes – The True Story – Subversion and a strange silence!

This term long project over a summer term at Heles School encouraged students to invent narratives and consider how changing elements or finding connections can create new and exciting alternatives. They debated how to unite the various stories and what devices could be used to keep the viewer informed of character disguises encouraging lateral thinking and attention to detail. It also produced an amusing and personable book which could be produced in school to raise funds.

Details about this workshop

Nursery Crimes the Thriller - Creative Writing project
Hele's School, Plmouth
Hele's School, Seymour Road, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 4LT
12 weeks
26+ students
Josie Maskell - Josie Maskell Design
Rhiannon Izzard - Rhiannon Izzard LinkdIn
Ben Morgan - Ben Morgan Marine House At Beer

Snap shots of work by Heles School Year 9 Pupils produced for Nursery Crimes The thriller.  A Summer term project in collaboration with Myself and Students from the BA (Hons) Illustration Course at Plymouth University

Sequential narrative and page turn are essential elements in composing a book. Elements must be consistent in a chapter book made from five nursery stories. Picking a protagonist to join the stories together and creating a link between the different artists work were all part of this exciting project which needed to be consistent and readable, in terms of visual narrative. The way a text relates to image and vis versa helps the story maintain momentum and encourages page turn. Understanding this and using it to keep the pace of the story up also helped student to think about interesting compositions, scale and the use of visual elements to help tell the story in other ways i.e. thought bubbles and using visual narrative to change the pace of the story.

There were five standard nursery stories all together and these were built on to create five chapters which took the main character (Gretel) through all the stories variously imitating goldilocks, Red Riding Hood etc and her brother (Hansel) who dies when using a gingerbread disguise. Students used devices for each character to ensure that the viewer could understand that whilst the protagonists changed appearance certain elements allowed then to be read as the same person and also each of the stories used similar page layouts in different orders to give continuity.

Sequential Narrative workshops can be tailored to both creative writing and curriculum subjects encouraging students to develop a personal connection and a wider understanding of a subject through the need for a consistent approach, attention to detail and individual interpretation of the facts.

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