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Crafts Council UK Acts of Making – Schools Workshop with year 7’s

Acts of Making with Plymouth School of Creative Arts. A workshop which discussed the environment and the work of Richard William Wheater

Drawing Together had a lovely day exploring the work of Richard William Wheater “Flags and Scooters” (2013) a performance installation based on a photograph of a tree made from plastic. The workshop was kindly funded by The Crafts Council UK and offered to Drawing Together by Chris Web their education programme officer.
To mark a two week festival celebrating makers making as part of The Craft Council Uk’s Acts of Making programme Drawing Together worked with 170 year seven students at the Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Making. The festival starts with a parade of the Richard William Wheater’s scooters and flags which will process past the Plymouth School of Creative Arts where our fantastic plastic tree and flags made from recycled plastics is displayed.
There where three large groups of students who took part in a hour and a half workshop making flags that was in response to the question “Who Am I?” they used plastic bags which had been recycled with Supermarkets  (Kindly donated by Tesco to create their images and also to build a giant tree.
The final tree and flags all fitted very nicely into the vast entrance window of the Plymouth School of Creative Arts and caused quite a stir with teachers, parents and pupils leaving the school at the end of the day.
It was nice to think that the children had worked to hard to produce this display in time for the next days processions.

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Acts Of Making
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