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Boys into Writing – curriculum based creative writing

Boys into Writing – A fact finding mission for key stage 2 & 3 students

A special workshop created for Torbridge Primary School in Estover

Boys into writing through art and research.  Using books and the net to research their chosen rainforest feature the boys drew their images and then created a research journal to catalogue the facts they had found out using a preprinted template supplied by Drawing Together.

Details about this workshop

Boys into Writing Rain Forest research Creative Writing Workshop
Tormbridge Primary Schoool
Tor Bridge primary School, Miller Way, Plymouth PL6 8UN
3 hours
18+ students

This workshop on the curriculum subject The Rainforest was aimed particularly at boys who are reluctant to engage in the classroom. With this in mind the workshop was able to focus on the biggest, most poisonous, most dangerous, the longest etc. I used subjects such as these specifically to interest them and catch their imagination. Boys listened to a short presentation about the day and were introduced to the Year 7’s,  who would be working with them.  This was a way of introducing the primary school children to children in the senior school, had joined us as top researchers and team leaders. (Ace Team Leaders BTW) making this a fusion project as well.

During the presentation we discussed what was already known about the rainforest, participants were encouraged to understand the scale of the rainforest (using pizza slices) and the scale of such things as a kapok tree was measured against the wing span of an american forces cargo plane or an alternate measurement of 33 men standing on each others heads! Students were encouraged to think laterally when comparing their chosen statistic to things from their everyday lives….a tiger is two school desks long.

Each boy chose a specific subject (in this case 100% animals) and research using books from the library and for further information the internet, the team leaders ensured that their team members stayed on track and helped find information with the boys. Research notes were written and a note made of research sources. The second half of the morning was spent drawing their chosen subject on the pre printed foldable book (using the whole A3 sheet). Where boys were reluctant to draw I noticed that team members were very ready to help or offer encouragement. Then in the afternoon they spent their time writing up a detailed description of their animals using their notes and also four interesting facts with small illustrations and filled in the bibliography on the last page.

I was pleased with the level of engagement with the project and hope that the school are too. The boys certainly seemed to be right on track and the level of engagement was rewarding for them as well as me!

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