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24hr Comic Event with Peninsula Arts

Leviathan Comic Event with Peninsula Arts, Plymouth – Monsters of the Deep

Details about this workshop

Leviathan Comic Event with Peninsula Arts
Peninsula Arts and University of Plymouth
Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University, Roland Levinsky Building, Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8AA
2 hours
16 + Students
Ben Morgan - Ben Morgan Paper Artist

A Comic book workshop based on misinformation and misinterpretation bought to life by the creative and whacky ideas of foundation art students from Plymouth.

With the help of my contemporaries Holly and Rhiannon and Ben Morgan we ran a workshop for XIth formers and foundation students as part of Plymouth International Book Festival, following on from the release of the collaborative project Moby Dick the Big Read of which Philip Hoare was a key member. The BA (Hons) Illustration course (Plymouth University)hosted a 24 hour comic event with 12 comic makers from the south west. The results of which will be posted to Comics with Plymouth University very shortly. Joe Lyward made the amazing poster and he and Tom Barwick collected and co-ordinated the 12 comic artists and kept them awake for the full 24 hours!. There was some amazing and fun comic pages being produced and the students where able to talk to the artists as they worked through the last hours or so of their marathon.

This was all taking place within the Peninsula Arts Gallery where there is, at the moment, an amazing exhibition of original illustrators work with sketchbooks and roughs being shown alongside published work. The exhibition is called “Making Great Illustration”. It was the very best place I can think of to inspire the students and introduce them to using image and text creatively to make their own comics. Shortly before the workshop they were able to listen to an inspiring and interesting talk by Philip Hoare about the whale and his own personal encounters with them which included a large sperm wale checking him out with a sonar image and then swimming right up to him and looking him in the eye. He also took us through the history of the whaling industry and the myth of the wales in medieval times and the magic qualities it is imbued with by so many races through out the world.

These are two spreads of the comics produced by the 6th form students doing the Leviathan Comic Workshop. The students came from Torbridge High Community School in Plymouth and where both sixth formers and foundation students. It was fun working with an older demography and the students defiantly took a lot away from the workshop.

They began by studying a picture of a “created” creature to their partners and the partners drew from the description and then visa versa. One thing to note for next time would be to have the images on thicker paper!! They then swapped places and a second creature was described. The students named the creatures Stephano (because of his moustache) and Shelly (no idea where that came from!).

With the creatures sketched up the students then used the “Exquisite Corpse” method to produce a story which started with the opener “On Tuesday afternoon at 3.15…” and with the aid of joining words like “eventually” or “and then” they made some entertaining streams using teams of four.

They then drew out two sentences each in comic form. The ideas, very strangely, all hark to some kind of food sustenance!!!! I wonder if they did not have very much to eat for their lunches?

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